Corporate Strategies have access to the network’s Equity Finance team – providing our clients with the support and specialist knowledge to help their clients’ businesses grow.

It’s an offering that has already been welcomed by many of those representing the UK’s five million SMEs – which last year generated a combined turnover of £1.8trillion – due to the benefits of business growth that it brings.

Interest from Investors

Figures from both SME and investor perspectives highlight the need for investment and the buoyancy investor funding creates.

report published in 2016 shows that investors’ appetite for UK SMEs rose during the first half of the year in the run-up to the EU referendum – with a particularly marked uplift in deal activity in the second quarter.

Within it, the report mentions, that the UK lower mid-market is positioned as a beacon of attractive investment opportunities – thanks to the growing number of entrepreneurs, start-ups and what is heralded as the “strongest tech and digital economy hub in Europe.”

Setting the stage for start-ups

Putting this entrepreneurial point into context, so far this year over 400,000 firms have been set up in the UK – according to StartUp Britain. The entrepreneurs’ group analysed Companies House data to estimate that the number of new businesses is on course to beat last year’s total of 608,000 and should far exceed the 581,000 registered in 2014.

So with such activity and new entries to the market – along with strong support from eager investors – the impact that Equity Finance service can have on business growth for both accountants and their clients is positive.

Corporate Strategies work to expand and strengthen their core client offering and SME accountants are able to improve their revenue and reputation whilst providing clients with the greatest opportunity to grow and develop by raising much needed investment.

Finding the very finest funding for innovative investment and business growth

The Equity Finance service supports those SME accountants working with innovative client businesses in need of funding for accelerated growth.

The specialist equity finance team­ – Aqvvs Capital – have a wealth of experience in securing investment. Often this is working with businesses that are initially reluctant to give up equity, by providing access to an enviable selection of potential investors that would have previously been unattainable.

About Aqvvs Capital

Aqvvs Capital’s approach to assisting businesses requiring between £50,000 and £1million for growth purposes – or those seeking assistance with a stressed or distressed trading issue – can be explained in these four simple steps:

  1. Initial meeting to gain an in-depth understanding of the proposition and requirement
  2. The creation of a confidential information pack
  3. Pinpointing an appropriate funder by matching their investment criteria with client requirements
  4. Monitoring progress and providing feedback while continuously reassessing the position based upon an investor’s comments

The process helps ensure that business’ needs – whether growing or stressed – are met most effectively through the careful selection of investors that are best placed to the much needed funding and sector specific expertise that clients deserve.

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