If an SME client needs to raise funds, Corporate Strategies can work with partners at Reach Commercial Finance. A group of commercial debt finance specialists that are able to support accountants – providing the advice and expertise required to help ensure the best funding solution is sourced.

Reach Commercial Finance are an independent financial brokerage with over 25 years’ experience in securing funding for limited companies and corporate entities, its specialist finance solutions services are available free of charge to members.

The fast changing world of finance

According to a UK alternative finance industry report published in 2015, many peer-to-peer lenders reported continued growth and record-breaking financing rounds. At the same time, the equity-based crowdfunding market saw its first exit, while donation, reward and community based platforms funded more good causes than ever before.

This alternative finance sector is evolving as an exciting and fast growing space. Last year, according to this same report, the market grew to £3.2billion by facilitating more loans, investments, and donations than ever before. In fact, compared to the industry total of £1.7 billion in 2014, this represents a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 84%.

This staggering statistic saw over 1 million UK people invest, donate or lend via online alternative finance platforms.

In excess of 250,000 individuals, projects, not-for-profit ventures and businesses raised finance via online alternative finance models such as peer to peer lending, equity-based funding and business cash advances.

Putting this changing financial landscape into context, the report states that donation based crowd funding grew by over 500% from £2million in 2014 to £12million in 2015. In addition, the second fastest growing sector – equity-based crowdfunding – was up by nearly 300% from £84million raised in 2014 to £332 million (including real estate crowdfunding) in 2015.

Borne out of the 2008 financial crisis, alternative finance provides a wealth of opportunities for SMEs via different routes for when traditional bank finance is unavailable. The need for it is widespread – as are those willing to invest.

As a result, Reach Commercial Finance frequently receives enquiries from accountants whose SME clients are experiencing the likes of tight cashflow or time-constrained expansion projects. It is able to provide Lifecycle members with fast, flexible and straightforward solutions using a variety of platforms.

How Reach Commercial Finance works

Unlike many other providers, Reach Commercial Finance works in partnership with accountants and takes the time at the start of the advisory process to get to know their client.

Once equipped with the necessary information, the team is then able to find the most appropriate solution through established relationships with a wide variety of funders from across the market, which in turn reduces the time and effort required to reach a successful outcome. Once a solution is agreed, the team continues to be on hand to help meet clients’ ongoing needs.

More about Reach Commercial Finance

With a proven track record of finding solutions tailored to specific business finance needs ranging from start-ups to £50million-plus turnover PLCs, the Reach Commercial Finance team’s experience and expertise are second to none.

As a result, SME accountants can rest assured that issues can be overcome by using a wide range of asset based lending. This includes:

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